«Lex» Legal Services in Moscow and other Russian Regions

Lex Group was founded on February 2, 1994 and is currently one of the oldest and largest law firms in Russia with offices in Moscow, Tyumen and other major Russian cities.

The law firms that make up Lex Group cater to businesses and specialize in arbitration disputes and enforcement proceedings:

  • Representation in arbitration courts across Russia
  • Preparation of court documents, legal opinions, contracts
  • Support for debt collection procedures

Our experienced lawyers are informed and guided by formal legal service standards and principles of corporate conduct when it comes to client relationships.

Today, Lex Group has

  • 22 years of experience in the legal services market
  • 18 representative offices across Russia
  • More than 1300 successful arbitration cases since the firm was founded
  • More than 100 arbitration cases annually
Since 1994 we have won more than 1300 cases in arbitration courts for 750 companies across Russia. What underpins our relationships with clients?


We have been dealing with arbitration disputes and enforcement proceedings since the founding of our law firm.

A Focus on Commercial Ventures

Construction, trade, manufacturing, insurance, services, energy.


We adeptly manage any risks of a counterparty’s hidden reorganization, liquidation, or bankruptcy and see to it that court decisions are actually enforced.


We have offices in Moscow and other major Russian cities so you can minimize travel expenses.


We are one of the oldest law firms in Russia and we never infringe on client interests for our own economic benefit.


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Our contacts

Phone: +7 (495) 797-20-30 
E-mail: info@lex-pravo.ru

 Main representative offices:

77 Butyrskaya St.,
Moscow, 127015, Russian Federation
+7 (495) 797-20-30 
12B Rosa Luxemburg St.,
Tyumen, 625003, Russian Federation
+7 (3452) 46-25-41 
32 Ostrovskogo St., Khanty-Mansiysk,
628007, Russian Federation
+7 (3467) 36-30-43 

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